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Where It All Goes

EMERGE Recycling has selected all the reprocessors we send materials to on the grounds that they practice authentic recycling and reuse. We audit them to check their licences and accreditations annually, in line with our ISO9001 accreditation standards.

Having consistently innovated over the last 20 years, in pursuit of the highest standards in material recycling, with the aim of reducing our own and our customers environmental impact, we are always on the look out for new partners. Contact Gareth on 0161 223 8200 for more info.


Wood (all grades).

Enva is leading the way in the collection, reprocessing and recovery of wood and wood-based products. From the production of award-winning animal beddings, to the manufacturing of quality biomass fuel, and the repair and manufacture of pallets, the company recycles wood into sustainable products. Its expertise also includes helping to establish the Wood Recyclers’ Association – the industry’s trade body.

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Droylsden, Greater Manchester.


Paper (all grades).

Northwood is a vertically integrated family owned company, providing the manufacturing, supply and transportation of away from home professional paper hygiene products. Every year, Northwood recycles thousands of tonnes of office waste, preventing it from going to landfill and helping to preserve acres of forest. The paper undergoes a process of transformation which involves mashing it to a pulp, filtering out contaminants and extracting the fibre, leaving behind eco label certified raw material. For every 30,000 tonnes of paper Northwood recycles, 1,000 football pitches worth of forest are preserved.

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Disley, Cheshire.

Elsa Recycling Group


Elsa currently recycles over 700 tonnes per week of paper and cardboard; supplying mills in the UK, Europe, and the far East. They also recycle plastics; processing around 1,000 tonnes per week.

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Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Bulldog Metals Ltd

Metals (including cans).

Bulldog Metals Ltd. is a Manchester-based scrap metal dealer which specialises in all non-ferrous metals, with particular expertise in the recovery of copper, lead, aluminium, steel and plastic from virtually any type of copper cable. Its recovery process separates copper and plastics into small granules, which are then reused in the production of new copper and plastic materials.

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Miles Platting, Greater Manchester.

Green Hope


Green Hope is a family-run business dedicated to providing a high quality friendly service for recycling glass waste. Its customers include licensed and unlicensed premises which produce glass bottle wastage in all areas of North Manchester, Bolton, Stockport and other locations throughout the North West of England. The company collects many different types of bottles in all colour variants. All the glass Green Hope collects is 100% recyclable and is turned back into beer bottles.

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Swinton, Greater Manchester.

Sonoco Recycling

Papers, metals and plastics.

Sonoco Recycling offers a broad rangeof waste management services throughout Europe to meet various customer needs. We conduct full waste evaluation audits with our customers and have the ability to find solutions for all types of recyclable materials.

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Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Mercury Recycling

Batteries and fluorescent light tubes.

Established in 1996, Mercury Recycling have a 30,000 square foot premises in Trafford Park, making it the largest dedicated lamp recycling facility in the UK. Using a Superior Distiller, the company recovers the mercury from spent lamps as an alternative to damaging landfill practice. With new British-designed plant and equipment, the site has the capacity to recycle 40 million lamps per annum.

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Trafford Park, Greater Manchester.

Concept Management UK

WEEE (high grade).

Concept provide secure data destruction services and computer and IT disposals coupled with compliant WEEE recycling for all business sectors. Concept was created to help the environment and to help companies to adhere to new data protection laws and environmental legislation.

Concept Management’s skills are in data security and asset disposal but more importantly maximising revenue and profit from retired or non-working equipment and provide, onsite destruction of HDD’s and soft media.

Concept offer a holistic proposition that includes all Environment Agency accreditations such as ATF, AATF and Waste Carriers Licence right through to IG Toolkit, ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 and feel that having the right credentials are the starting point of any relationship and gives clients and potential clients the comfort knowing that the base line is competency.

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Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Ink and Toner Recycling Ltd

Toner cartridges.

Ink and Toner Recycling Ltd. is one of Europe’s leading companies specialising in the management and recycling of used printer cartridges. They see waste printer cartridges as a resource, not as a problem.  The company is extremely passionate and environmentally focused and dedicated to helping its clients dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and achieve a zero landfill outcome.

It specialises in printer cartridge recycling solutions for businesses and organisations across the UK, ensuring used printer cartridges are managed in the most environmentally responsible way.

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Milton Keynes.

Roydon Recycling

Plastic bottles.

The Roydon group consists of five companies: Roydon Polythene, Roydon Granulation, Roydon Exports, Roydon Bottle and Roydon Recycling; between them having a collective waste industry experience of well over 150 years.

The company has its own plastic recycling facilities, meaning that it has robust distribution networks for recyclable material, ensuring that it maintains its zero to landfill status at all its managed client locations.

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Swinton, Greater Manchester.


WEEE (low grade).

Sims Metal Management is the world’s leading electronics and metal recycling company; turning vehicles, machinery, building materials and other domestic and industrial items into useful commodities that can be re-used in manufacturing new products. The high grade materials it produces for reuse in manufacturing save the energy and environmental costs associated with mining for raw materials such as steel, copper, aluminium and glass. Its subsidiary Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) specialises in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling and IT and computer refurbishment, reuse and recycling.

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Stalybridge, Manchester.

Redgate Holdings

General waste.

Redgate Holdings Limited is a waste management and recycling contractor specialising in the recovery and recycling of resource material from municipal waste in Manchester.

The company recognises that the past and current use of landfill has been and will continue to be unsustainable and alternatives must be found and implemented. As time passes, this fact will only become more significant and it is this ethos that drives Redgate’s business forward in its commitment to Landfill Diversion and increased recycling achievements. 

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West Gorton, Greater Manchester.