Our Vision

EMERGE Recycling is extremely proud to be part of the EMERGE Group.

As a leading pioneer of the real 3Rs in Greater Manchester since 1996, we are delighted that our sister charity, EMERGE 3Rs, has grown out of our initiative. Together we share and strive to achieve the vision and values set out below.

Our shared vision, put simply, is a world in which the real 3Rs is second nature and people cherish and innately value resources; A society where people don’t go hungry, where food unites people, is nourishing and used for good, not wasted. We seek to achieve this vision, first and foremost in Greater Manchester, by influencing positive changes where we can, by upskilling and engaging with the wider community and ultimately, by improve people’s lives.

EMERGE’s vision is to be a leading charitable enterprise that, across Greater Manchester:

Enables people to reduce, reuse and recycle more and better

Fights hunger and tackles food waste

Creates opportunities to improve lives

Influences positive changes

EMERGE’s Values and Corresponding Behaviours

We have integrity – we are honest and act in a decent, fair and truthful way.

We value difference and diversity and treat everyone respectfully – we are polite, well-mannered, considerate, obliging and attentive.

We pioneer innovative solutions: we are explorers, trail-blazers and eager to try out new ways of working.

We are accountable to our wider community, our customers, our volunteers, staff our board and ourselves: As a social business, it’s important to us to be answerable to the wider community.

We influence social and environmental change in Greater Manchester and beyond: We seek to guide and affect positive behaviours.

If you have any queries, please get in touch! Call us on 0161 223 8200, or email us at recycling@emergemanchester.co.uk

“EMERGE has been plugging away on the environmental agenda for over two decades, pioneering practical solutions and providing tangible opportunities for people in Greater Manchester to embrace the idea and practice of “the real 3Rs”, waste reduction, reuse and recycling. The EMERGE vision is now more timely than ever and I urge you to get involved, personally and professionally, join the movement and support the crucial work being done by EMERGE.”

Warren Smith, Lord Lieutenant & Patron of EMERGE